Workshop on Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization Methods for Energy Systems Engineering

12. Jan. 2015

The OPTIMIZATION-BASED DESIGN OF ENERGY SYSTEMS generally leads to mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) problems. In recent years, a surge of interest in (non-convex) MINLP problems in the mathematical optimization community produced remarkable algorithmic progress and triggered new developments, in particular new implementations.

To benefit most from these advances, ENGINEERS AND MATHEMATICIANS should tie up, each contributing their own expertise. Aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from both fields to learn about the latest work and to foster collaborations.

The workshop consists of INVITED TALKS on recent work, complemented by THREE KEYNOTES delivered by the following distinguished speakers.

Invited Speakers
* Prof. Dr. Zdravko Kravanja, University of Maribor, Slovenia: "Robust MINLP for solving complex synthesis problems"
* Prof. Dr. Jeffrey T. Linderoth, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA: "Theory of MINLPs"
* Dr. Stefan Vigerske, GAMS Software GmbH, Zuse Institute Berlin: "MINLP Solver Technology"

The number of participants is limited to 60. Registration to the workshop is required. The fee amounts to 50 Euro (incl. lunch and coffee & tea). See the workshop website at for more details and registration.

Important Dates:
* January 31, 2015: Registration closes
* March 9-10, 2015: Workshop

Workshop Organizers
Marco Lübbecke, Sebastian Goderbauer, Fritz Arnold
Operations Research, RWTH Aachen University,

Arie M.C.A. Koster, Sebastian Goderbauer
Discrete Optimization, RWTH Aachen University,

André Bardow, Philip Voll, Björn Bahl
Institute of Technical Thermodynamics, RWTH Aachen University,


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