WG1 - WG3 New problems in energy optimization: the industrial perspective

03. Feb. 2016

27-29 Jan 2016, International Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AA

We are happy to announce that WG1 and WG3 will organize the workshop

New problems in energy optimization: the industrial perspective

on January 27 and 28 in Edinburgh, right besides the "Data Science for Whole Energy Systems" workshop. If you wish to attend this ATI workshop please register on the ATI web site:


The WG1-WG3 workshop will comprise presentations and discussion of industrial problems, followed by round table discussion of industrial problems within the framework of the WIKI we are developing on optimzation problems and methods in energy systems.

All presentations of the ATI workshop can be downloaded from here:




The workshop will be hosted at the International Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 15 South College Street, in central Edinburgh. Travel directions and local accomodations can be found in the ATI website


January 27, 2016

First session 9:00 - 11:00

Welcome and opening remarks

Chair: Antonio Frangioni (University of Pisa)

Vice-Chair: Sandrine Charousset (EDF)

Talk 1

Authors: Aurélien Crucifix*, Olivier Devolder (N-Side)

Title: Advanced analytics to capture the full value of demand response and energy flexibility in industrial sites

Talk 2

Authors: Matteo Pozzi* Andrea Bettinelli (OPTIT), Daniele Vigo, Alessandra Laghi (OPTIT and Università di Bologna)

Title: Current and future perspectives of DSS in support of thermal/district heating networks and plants

Talk 3

Authors: Dan Eager* (Mercados/ERMC)

Title: New problems in energy optimization: the Consultant-working-in-power-markets perspective

Talk 4

Authors: Sandrine Charousset* (EDF)

Title: Traditionnal and new optimisation problems regarding energy management at EDF

Morning break 11:00-11:30

Second session 11:30 - 13:00

Talk 5

Authors: Jawad Elomari*, ORTEC

Title: Total waste water treatment network design and operation optimization in oil refinery plants

Talk 6

Authors: Fabrizio Lacalandra* (Nomisma Energia)

Title: New challenges in electricity and balancing markets, the Market Operator and TSO perspective

Talk 7

Authors: Hardi Koduvere* (Tallinn University of Technology, Elering Scholarship recipient)

Title: Energy modeling in Estonia in cooperation with Estonian TSO Elering Lunch 13:00-13:45

Third session 13:45 - 15:30

Talk 8

Authors: R. Bellido (Iberdrola), A. Ramos*, M. Rivier, J. Garcia-Gonzalez, J.M. Latorre (Univ. P. Comillas), G. Morales-Espanna (TU Delft)

Title: Assessment of operation reserves in a hydrothermal electric system with high wind generation

Talk 9 Authors: Clemens Haftendorn*(Wood Mackenzie Ltd)

Title: Energy market models at Wood Mackenzie - applications and challenges

Talk 10

Authors: Nuno Carvalho Figueiredo* (Elecgas S.A.), Patrícia Pereira da Silva (Univ. Coimbra)

Title: Reliability of electricity systems in a marginal cost market

Afternoon break 15:30 - 16:00

Roundtable: new and old problems in energy optimization 16:00 - 17:30

Closing remarks


January 28, 2016

Roundtable: funding opportunities for energy optimization 9:00 - 11:00



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