Working Groups

The Action proposes a matrix approach with an organization into four WGs providing a methodological subdivision of the activities and subjects to three Transversal Topics (TTs), touching all WGs

Antonio Frangioni
WG1 Leader
WG1 provides a database of all applications of DSS to EP&D, with extensive cross-link

Jean Bernard Lasserre and Christoph Helmberg
WG2 Leaders
WG2 complements and contributes to the “wiki” of WG1 regarding the methodological advances that are relevant to make novel EP&D problems addressable.

Sandrine Charousset
WG3 Leader
WG3 complements and contributes to the “wiki” of WG1 on the area of the technical validity of the mathematical models currently used in EP&D applications.

Martin Mevissen
WG4 Leader
WG4 “substantiates” the methodological results of WG2 with actually usable software, ready to exploit data provided by WG3.

Transversal Topics

  • TT1 relates to problems requiring decisions that affect a time span variable from the minutes to the days/weeks/few months range.
  • TT2 concerns EP&D problems on time spans ranging from one week to one (or a few) year.
  • TT3 deals with long-term evolution of EP&D over the course of several years due to the combined effect of several different factors.