Modelling Smart Grids 2015 - A New Challenge for Stochastics and Optimization

18. Aug. 2015

Prague September 10th - 11th, 2015

Headquarters of the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies, Prague September 10th - 11th, 2015

Main goal of the workshop is to connect researchers and energy providers, traders and operators. The workshop will focus on using modern optimization, statistical and computational methods suitable for analysis of big data, creation of advanced forecast models for both deterministic and probabilistic prediction, development of new optimization methods for energy leak management, environmental quality improvement, etc.

Round table discussion with introductory talks given by leading representatives of Czech energy industry and research, and by representatives of European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics, will form part of the workshop. Language of the round table discussion will be both Czech and English, translation will be provided.

Main output of the workshop will be up-to-date knowledge transfer from the researches to the users and, conversely, opening new research targets and horizons as required by the power and gas industry.

The presentations can be downloaded from the website:

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